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It's 2037 and after a nationwide campaign following the increase in prisoner death rate, the system has gone fully automatic. Every inmate is on their own with each cell a box of isolation. The juvenile correction facilities are functional, cold and impersonal yet impeccable; a stark contrast to the adult institutions where suicide and collapse of mental health for the youth transferring is almost inevitable.

With an imminent transfer date, the clock is ticking. But with an impenetrable prison, long standing feuds and secrets in the closet, will these strangers ever be able to formulate and execute a plan to save their children whilst keeping their families intact?


There are areas in every city that you don’t go, paths you don't walk down; but there are also places within these that even the locals won’t venture, that no one dared go. The Black Path was that place.

A tragic event that happened when Tom was 16 now threatens to ruin the family and career he has worked so hard to create. When his brother uses it to get Tom to save his skin, he has to become something that he swore he wouldn’t in order to save the people he loves. 

His childhood experiences and memories shape his decisions and will ultimately decide if he'll be able to do what needs to be done. Are the paths that we take already determined or do we really have a choice?

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