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The Black Path

The Blck Path - Antony Curtis

Some paths you just don't walk down...unless you have no choice

The Black Path Chapters

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4.0 out of 5 stars

Provoking insight into how the thread of family and community runs deep

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 󾓪 on 28 August 2022

To be honest the first chapter filled me with a feeling of dread that nearly put me off the book. Luckily, I
persevered and found myself drawn into the complex question of whether you can escape where you came
from and your upbringing. What do you bring with you? How do you resist the claims of family? Can you truly
escape? I thought Antony Curtis really teased out these questions with great sympathy and kindness. Cutting
between the child and the adult revealed the forces which shape a child growing up in poverty. There were
gruesome bits in the story but, strangely, they made some kind of character sense. It was also good to read
an accurate description of my home city - in all its light and dark manifestations. A really gripping read
particularly if you are interested in what shapes peoples behaviour and the choices they make.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Good book

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 󾓪 on 25 September 2022

Very good can’t put the book down great author

4.0 out of 5 stars

A great page turner

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 󾓪 on 21 July 2022

This book has lots of twists and turns and a really intriguing story that draws you in. Def worth a read

5.0 out of 5 stars

This book will not disappoint you it’s really is a great read 😊

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 󾓪 on 27 July 2022

I had this book delivered yesterday I can not put it down it is brilliant, I was also brought up in the same area
so it’s nice reading the book and I can imagine in my head the streets where Tom is going ,

5.0 out of 5 stars

Engaging read.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 󾓪 on 24 July 2022

This book was given to me to read on holiday which I completed within my first 3 days. The story and
characters captured my imagination and felt I needed to read the next chapter as soon as I could. The story is

something I could relate to which is one of many reasons people need to buy it. Mark

5.0 out of 5 stars Lots of twists and turns!
Reviewed in the United Kingdom 󾓪 on 9 August 2022
Verified Purchase
I loved the descriptive way it was written, and cared about how the main character went through his life.
Wasn't expecting the end though! Hope there's a sequel coming soon

5.0 out of 5 stars

What fantastic debut novel of suspense!

Reviewed in the United States 󾓦 on 12 September 2022

Antony Curtis's debut fiction novel hits all the right notes and then some: family suspense, intrigue, and
powerful literary pushes and pulls. This book is not one you want to whip right through; I found myself
savoring the lyrical movement of the story. The structure of the tale is so important, woven moments that take
you from the main character's (Tom's) childhood and then back to current day, and this well-built structure
allows the plot to unfold in a most compelling way.
One particular sentence struck me, and it is offered in the earlier parts of the book. Tom described himself as
a "hybrid, able to live and grow in both worlds; the one he had grown from and the one he had grown into, or
was he a fraud in both, an imposter that didn’t belong to any?"
And that right there is the crux of the story. I highly recommend this book.

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